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Everything is Energy

Frequencies are the language of the universe. They are how our bodies, minds, and souls communicate.

What do you think of when you think of frequency, is it hard for you to imagine that we are all energy and that everything is running on a different frequency? Is it easy to imagine your cell phone, garage door opener, and the radio tuned to a specific frequency, but harder to imagine when you are thinking about human beings? Can you imagine that foods carry different frequencies and energy? Everything we do, every thought we have, and everything we put in our body either raises our frequency or lowers it.

We are either in a high or a low vibrational state, in a high vibrational state we are healthy, abundant, and vibrating at a high frequency, raising the frequency around us. If we are in a low vibrational state we are opening ourselves up to lower emotional states, disease, and lack, and lowering the frequency around us.


You are aware of energy and frequency

Have you ever walked into a room and right away could sense the energy of the room? The energy of the room is either in resonance with your own energy or it is not and you want to get the heck out of there. We either are in resonance with everything in our life or we are out of resonance.

What is really exciting for me is how much science and some parts of the medical world are accepting that frequency plays a huge part in our health and well-being. Many diseases that have had resistance to common medical practices are responding well to different frequency therapies.

As a Reiki practitioner, I have witnessed the healing power of energy for over 20 years. When someone can change their energy from a low vibration to high vibration it is both fascinating and a blessing to watch what can happen when the energy changes. I have also been blessed to be part of many sound baths over the years and I am always amazed at the difference in my mind, body, and spirit after an energy clearing from different sound frequencies.

Frequency Devices

There are many different frequency devices out there but I personally decided to bring Healy into my life and my business to help myself, my family, and my clients. Admittedly I didn’t really look into many devices, I was drawn to the Healy and its capabilities. The fact that it worked on a quantum sensor really fascinated me as well.

What in the heck is a Healy? It is a convenient, wearable device that works with frequencies in many different ways. Healy scans the bioenergetic harmony of the body for incoherence and then suggests the frequencies to be used. When we bring the frequency into the bioenergetic field we begin to balance the frequencies that are creating the coherence. Microcurrents can also be used to increase the ATP of the cells helping the cells run more efficiently.

What have I noticed over the last few months?

What excited me about the Healy was the studies that showed how it helped mental health, it is classed as a stage 3 medical device in Canada for pain and anxiety. I am someone who has fought off depression for most of my life. My psyche can get very dark and negative very quickly, over the years I have developed a tool kit that keeps me seeking light in my life when life gets dark. Daily meditation, breathwork, and dance have really been my lifesaver and my lifeline, also getting into nature for even 30 minutes can make me shift my thoughts. Frequency and running the Healy every day have been an absolute game changer for my mental health, my clarity, and also my creativity. I can’t imagine my life without running frequency every day, it feels like an answered prayer.

I had 2 really cool experiences this week, my daughter-in-law got a nail kit and wanted to do my nails and I looked at the ingredients and they looked pretty good, I knew there were still toxic chemicals but for a nail kit, they looked better than most. As I was leaving their house I decided to scan for frequency and what came up……Nail Harmony!!! WAIT WHAT!! Even I was surprised by that one!

My husband had a really fatty meal, which he does often, however as he ages he is feeling like he may have to change his diet because he isn’t feeling well anymore after these heavy fatty meals. Well, the other night he was not doing well at all after this meal, so I said “let me scan you” and it came up Gal Bladder Meridian!!! Exactly the organ that needs to process all of this fat!!

These scans are so freaking accurate!!

I hope you are intrigued.

It is my biggest desire to bring concepts and ideas to people to help them with their wellness. I will always be on the lookout for new and exciting modalities that will help with the wellness of the mind, body, and soul.

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