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Grocery Shopping...On a budget.

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Let's talk about food storage! Who doesn't want their food to last longer? I know I do, especially with these grocery prices! So let’s talk about how to properly store foods!

Tip #1 - Make a plan

Never go shopping unprepared! Make a plan of your weekly meals and a list of the ingredients you will need! If you go without a list you end up buying things you don't need or you go home without the things you need! Check out my weekly planner and shopping list.

Tip #2 - Focus on Ingredients

Does your grocery list contain a multitude of prepared foods and frozen meals? If so, if you want to save money you need to start buying ingredients. When you buy ingredients you can make so many more meals. For instance, if pancakes are on my meal plan for the week, I am going to buy flour, milk, and eggs. Now with those 3 ingredients, I can make many other meals. I can have eggs one night as breakfast for dinner, with the flour my possibilities are endless, I can make bread, waffles, or pizza dough! There are so many more options when you buy ingredients instead of prepared meals, not to mention the ability to know what is going into the meals that you are making for your family. Yes, I know buying pre-made or frozen meals is easier, however, it ends up costing you more money in the end. I always look on Pinterest for recipes with few ingredients. That helps when trying to save money because I don't need to buy as many items! There are a ton of amazing recipes with 5 or less ingredients, you just need to plan ahead and make a list!

"Spend your life with people who make even going to the grocery store and adventure" – unknown

Tip #3 - Flyer apps are Da bomb!

There are tons of apps that compare weekly flyers in your area. I use Flipp, it goes based on your location and it has every store, not just grocery stores! I shop weekly so every Friday I check Flipp and see what is on sale at the stores I frequent.

Tip #4 - Price Matching

This is a big saver! Using the Flipp app helps, all I do is show the flyer from the other participating store and they match the price for me! Make sure where you are shopping, is a participating store, and the items are the same!!

Tip #5 - Coupons

In Canada, couponing doesn't hold as much value as it does in the United States. However, many packages have coupons on the back or attached to them. An example of this is toilet paper. Toilet paper sometimes has a $1.50 coupon attached. Occasionally you can use it on that purchase or the next time you buy it. You can also buy two and then do two separate transactions to use the coupon on the second toilet paper. If you get a hard copy of flyers in the mail, there are coupons in those, you can also download them from many brand sites so cut them out, read the label, and bust them out at the cash! Every penny helps!

Tip #6 - Let's go Shopping

Now it's time to shop! Make sure you have your list and your flyer app, especially if you are price-matching! Buying items that are on sale is also very helpful! I usually buy the fruits and vegetables that are on sale and focus on the ingredients that I need for the week!

Takeaways. . .

Make sure to make a list and plan ahead. Making a list helps you stay focused and buy only what you need! Think about groceries as ingredients and try to make more homemade meals instead of frozen or premade meals. Download a flyer app so you can compare prices at all your local grocery stores. Price match where possible. A few cents goes a long way. Coupons cut out as many as you can and use them where possible. It takes some time but it will be worth it in the end!!


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