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Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Nourished Spirits Blog: Nourishment for the mind, body and soul with a pinch of wellness tips, and a splash of food prep and recipes. A place where we can grow together and grow into a nourished community.

Michelle and Karen .....who the heck are we!!

We are a mother in law and daughter in law team who have a great passion for the health and wellness of ourselves and our families with a mission to teach and bring that information to you.

Michelle is an educator, a wellness coach, mother and wife, the much more organized one of the two. She has meal prepping down and loves to help people meal prep and create easy recipes that can be put together quickly, even if you are trying to raise a family, have a career and trying to fit in personal wellness. Michelle lives by "if you fail to plan you plan to fail", she can teach you to do the same.

Karen is has been in the holistic health industry for 30 years as both a practitioner and an educator. She loves to help people create ease in their life with some simple tips that can change how people are feeling physically, mentally and emotionally. Being a wife, momma and a GiGi, drives her passion to show people that suffering is optional, there is a better way.

How we come together

This blog is the place where we come together on topics that drive us both. We are at very different stages in our lives, but we hope that you can always something for yourself, or maybe something for your mother in law. Michelle's posts will be about tips, trick and wellness that can help women and men at any age to organize their life for success. Karen's post will likely be much more health based, but leaving room for joy and light humour.

Let's build a community

We may be generations apart but we want to build a community that is safe and feels like they are getting our most authentic selves every time we produce any content.

We also want you to know that throughout this website and this blog we have affiliate links, some of them give discounts to you, some pay us a commission, all of those links are items that we actually love to use and that we want other people to have in their lives.

We'd love you to leave any comments and we would love you to be a part of our community. You can subscribe and become members of the website and the community.

Thanks for stopping by

Karen & Michelle

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