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"The priveledge of a lifetime is to become who you truly are."

_Carl Jung

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Karen's Story

Teaching and learning has been my life’s passion, the more I learn, the more I teach. This drives my life. 


I was certified as a Registered Natural Health practitioner in 1995, which encompassed Reflexology, Essential Oil therapy, massage, organic skin care development and holistic nutrition. 

I added Reiki, Mindfulness and Nia movement to my offerings to round out my practice to include mind, body and spirit.


In 2020 as we were all stuck inside I wrote a beginner meditation book, “Sit Your Ass Down, the beginners guide to Meditation '' that is helping people go from I can’t to I can in just 21 days. I also fulfilled my dream of becoming a Certified Life Coach, so that I could officially do the work of a coach, something I had been doing since I was a child.

Most recently I have become a Regenerative Health Practioner and Detox specialist and Clinical Iridologist. Guiding people to reach for their most optimal state of health and welbeing. 

It is my pleasure and passion to be here as your support.


Michelle's Story

I am a mother, a wife, a certified teacher and a wellness coach. My passion has always been to educate and help people on how to improve their health and well-being. I became a wellness coach in May 2022, when my own health was in need of serious care. I was overweight, I had unhealthy eating habits, my relationship with food was toxic and my mental state was in jeopardy. I knew I needed to change so I spent 6 months improving my health. Along the way I began helping others gain back their lives and in the last year I have helped many people transform their lives for the better. My expertise includes meal prep, food storage and organization, wellness coaching, healthy lifestyle recipes and tips. 

My goal in life is to educate and help people improve their life. 

Inspiring you to be your best self <3


Digestive Wellness and Deep Nourishment

Wellness Coaching & Core Connection

Healthy Cooking & Meal Planning

Regenerative Detoxification

Mind, Body and Sprit Connection 

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