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Fruits and Nuts
"Well-being is attained little by little, and nevertheless is no little thing itself".

Zeno of Citium

Nourished Spirits Wellness Studio

Nourished Sprits wellness studio is a holistic clinic that specializes in the work of regenerative health.  Regenerative health is all about getting to the root cause of symptoms or a disease. Addressing the root cause allows the body to reverse, repair, and regenerate from its current state.  This is accomplished through detoxification, herbalism, nutrition, and kinesiology.

Karen is a Certified Regenerative Health Practitioner that is trained in regenerative detox, iridology, herbalism, nutrition, reflexology, and many other modalities that help assess the body as a whole. She is a mindfulness coach, who helps people bring meditation into their lives and help to release the sub conscious blocks that keep them stuck.

She specializes in digestive health, diabetes, fatty liver, autoimmune, overall preventative care, and many other conditions. Disease is nothing more than Dis-ease; lack of ease and flow in the body that has derived from a state of acidosis and lymphatic stagnation.

Her services include full health consultations, iris exams, nutritional counseling, and herbal recommendations.

 Suffering is optional and thriving is possible. Your body is designed to heal when you give it the right environment.

Karen wants to Thank Carrie Drinkwine and the Institute of Regenerative Health for the blessing of this amazing work. 

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