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Karen Salcedo


"It is my juice to help people get to the heart of themselves. Unfortunately, whilst helping others I was drowning and dying. I had diabetes that was completely out of control. I had sought the help of natural paths, homeopathic and allopathic medicine, nothing helped and nothing worked. 

In December of 2022 I was feeling like I would rather die than go on living in the state I was in. I had finally agreed to some allopathic medicine that made feel nauseous at every turn. 

I was introduced to Purium and within 30 days I was off of all of my medication and by 90 days my liver and kidney numbers were normal. Oh and I lost 40lbs. I make Purium part of my every day, nourishing my body feeds my soul and keeps me on the right track to the health I desire. "

Michelle James

"In December 2021 I was miserable and I wasn’t taking care of myself (physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually). Fast forward to today, and the glow you see is real. I am in a place in my life where I can truly say I am happy and healthy! This would never have been possible without my 90 day transformation. Purium changed my life and improved my health more than I ever imagined. I cannot imagine my life without Purium.

Robyn Coates

For four years I struggled with digestive issues; painful bloating & weight gain. I was introduced to Purium and did 90 days Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation. My results were outstanding; zero bloating & inflammation, glowing skin, zero cravings, 30 pound weight loss.  I developed a real love for myself. I am now alcohol & antidepressants free. Purium is my nutrition indefinitely, I'm a lifer!
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